EZ Repacks started as an online seller selling private label disposable products which required a tremendous amount of labor in repackaging. We started re-searching fulfillment centers that would have the capabilities of repackaging our products with the know-how and knowledge in online selling requirements. 

After searching for a while with no luck we decided setting up shop on our own and set up a facility that would meet our requirements. 

After successfully repackaging for a few years we had a couple of companies reach out to us requesting if we can help them with prepping their products to be ready for sale on Amazon. After successfully repackaging their products for some time and helping them take their business to the next level they started recommending other sellers to try our service as well. 

It came to a point that we realized that helping  other sellers struggling with their product packaging needs was what we loved to do! And indeed, we now lovingly help many sellers on many platforms, adding convenience and professionalism to their overall business.

How can we help  transform YOUR  difficulties  the EZ way? Contact us today to get started!